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Homemade Naturals is a small company that is passionate about natural soap, skincare, and bath products. Charlene first began making soaps and body products in 2017, having had an interest in natural health for several years and being encouraged in this new avenue by family and friends who appreciated the beneficial results. Every week you could find Charlene inside the homestead workshop whipping up a batch of something new and before long she began offering the products to the public. Homemade Naturals was formed and the mission has remained constant. We aim to create the best in natural handmade soap and skincare products while educating our customers on the importance of caring for the skin.


We hand make, cut and wrap soap each week, one small batch at a time. Over time we have expanded our product line to include lotions, body butters, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, body wash, bubble bars, and more.

Our soap ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, castor oil, shea and cocoa butters to create a luxuriously lathering, moisturizing bar that will nourish and soften your skin. Scented products are created using the very finest skin-grade essential and fragrance oils available.

Colorants are Food, Drug and Cosmetic (F,D&C) Grade or skin-safe ultra-marines, oxides and micas from the earth.  Various other food ingredients may be added to make each product unique, including oatmeal, coffee, teas, herbs, flowers and spices for exfoliating, therapeutic, texture, and visual appeal.



​Here at Homemade Naturals, it is our goal to provide you with quality products to embrace your outer beauty. Having responsibility for your beauty is the biggest challenge we will have, but it is also the most important gift you can give us.

It's only when you take responsibility for your inner beauty that you discover how powerful you are!


Homemade Naturals understand the importance of having core values. Some of our main values are listed here:

To be an industry leader that is loyal

To stand behind our quality products

To show respect to our customers

To be honest 

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